Schmidt's Sausage

Fresh & Smoked Sausage



Our fresh sausage is made entirely from local farm fresh meat and spices. We use all-natural casings as we stuff and hand tie each and every link. You won’t find anything like this at your local grocery store!


Schmidt’s famous smoked sausage starts off the same as our fresh. Then we take it to our on-site smokehouse to be smoked over a mixture of cherry and hardwood to give it a unique smoked flavor.


Fresh Sausage
Original – Mild, Hot
Polish Kielbasi
Sweet Barbeque
Sweet & Spicy


Bulk Sausage Filling – Mild, Hot


Smoked Sausage
Pork – Mild, Hot, Extra Hot & Honey
Chicken – Mild
Turkey – Mild
Smoked Bratwurst
Smoked Polish Keilbasa